Full service EDDM

Reach customers at home

Get messages, sales and promotions directly into the hands of your target consumer.

No more mailing lists

Let BlueWater and the USPS do the work of creating precise lists to saturate specific areas, saving you the hassle and cost of generating your own.

Full service solution

Take the guess work out of the EDDM process. We design your promotional material, print it and choose appropriate routes with your input.  We even take care of the bundling, paperwork and delivery to the USPS for final delivery.

Full service EDDM Choosing marketing routes
EDDM target your local area

What is EDDM?

EDDM stands for “Every Door Direct Mail.” Designed to help businesses deploy promotions and advertisements to a targeted area, this U.S. Postal Service program allows the customer to have their mailer hand delivered to every mailbox along chosen routes. EDDM is a cost effective alternative to traditional direct mail that allows you to saturate the market and promote to every household or business in a desired geography.

EDDM Marketing Ideas

  • Grand Opening Promotion
  • Restaurant Menus and Coupons
  • Realtor outreach
  • Fitness Membership offers
  • Promote Local Businesses
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Business Services
  • Medical Professionals
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Contractors and Home Services
  • Attorneys
  • Realtors
  • Political Campaigns
  • Health & Beauty
  • Product Promotions
  • Sales Flyers
  • Information Bulletins

Full Service, Turnkey Printing and Shipping

We consult, design, print and ship your order.  Just tell us what you need and we handle all the details.

EDDM Printing Options


EDDM Postcards - full service printing and delivery


EDDM Flyers - full service printing and delivery

Sell Sheets

EDDM Sell Sheets - full service printing and delivery

Low Cost Marketing

EDDM yields a lower cost-per-lead than other marketing methods

EDDM mailings make an inexpensive alternative to traditional marketing options. When you calculate the cost per lead for EDDM versus other channels, you may find your cost per lead is several dollars less.

5.1% Household Response Rate

Direct mail’s average household response rate is 5.1% (compared to 0.6% for email, 0.6% for paid search, and 0.4% for social media). Digital marketers are often surprised when they learn the facts about direct mail ROI. This is because—when it comes to response rate—direct mail beats digital channels by a landslide.

Direct Mail Statistics

  • Up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, while only 20-30% of email gets opened (DMN)
  • 81% of people read or scan their mail daily (2010 USPS Household Diary Study)
  • The average household receives only two direct mail pieces a day compared to 157 e-mails (USPS Marketer’s Guide)
  • 36% of people under the age of 30 look forward to checking their mailboxes every day (Gallup)
  • 70% of consumers prefer traditional mail when it comes to unsolicited offers  (Direct Marketing Association)
  • 79% of consumers find reading mail more useful than going online (USPS Household Diary Study)
  • 82% of millennials view messages printed on paper as more trustworthy than digital (5 Myths About Millennials and Mail)
  • 92% of the Y generation say they enjoy reading print marketing more than digital ads. (Gallup poll)
  • Direct mail’s average household response rate is 5.1% (compared to 0.6% for email, 0.6% for paid search, and 0.4% for social media)
  • Direct mail marketing garners a 37% higher response rate than email
  • Postcards have an average response rate of 5.7%
  • The direct mail response rate among people ages 18-21 years old is 12.4%

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